Founded by three friends from North County, San Diego, Stay Cheesy was created to bring quality cheese-inspired creations to you! Specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches, we use knowledge gained from years in the restaurant industry and travel to bring new flavors to an age old classic. After growing up on almost exclusively grilled cheese sandwiches, 20 years later we have perfected the Stay Cheesy method.



Now here's an unrelated short story about some pigs...


Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One lived in a straw house, one lived in a stick house and one lived in a brick house. None of them were very good at building houses though, so one day a light breeze knocked them all over. Not having any money to rebuild their houses they needed a way to make some money and fast. However, it quickly became apparent they had no useful skills or talent, and were at a loss as to what do. So doing the logical thing, they left the country. Upon realizing this was a horrible mistake they came back with even less money but determined to never have to work for someone else again. And with that they began doing more work than they've ever done in their lives making grilled cheese for the masses of north county.


About Us

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